The law and the rules on anonymous gold purchases and sales of gold in Belgium

Many of our customers phone us to know the law in Belgium.

The Money in the form of gold ingots and coins in Belgium enjoys special law in relation to France.



Indeed, Belgium monetary gold is considered the bearer as if you had the euro in hand.

So you can sell up to 3000 euro monetary gold cash per person per transaction without taking your identity and what little amount you be settled in cash.

This amount is 3000 euro per person present.

If you sell us such an ingot, we can set 3000 euro in cash and the rest by bank transfer and without tax.

If you want to buy us and invest in monetary gold, the amount of an anonymous invoice counter is limited to 2,500 euro per person of 2,500 euro to 3,000 euro, we need your name and address.

By cons purchases recycled precious metals are not anonymous.

Gold purchases and non-cash precious metals are subject to taking your identity

And the establishment of a gold buyout.




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