This article presents the largest gold reserve in the world, namely the United States with a quantity of gold of around 8133 tons.


Gold is stored by entral banks of all countries and of all monetary unions to regulate foreign speculation on their currencies and assets. Most countries also have foreign fiat currencies reserves, some countries such as China and Japan especially betting on them. Therefore, despite the very fluctuating exchange rates, reserves assets remain incredibly stable. Althought gold standard has been given up in the 70s, gold still holds its role as a stabilizer of a country’s purchasing power. Countries that have faced hyperinflation but did not have enough gold reserves were poor.

Currently, the United States is the country with the world’s biggest gold reserve with 8,133 tons set aside. This is largely due to gold that the federal government has allocated in 1933 by Executive Order 6102. By this measure of the « New Deal« , the country intended to prohibit the holding of gold to individuals, law was not applied very strictly but still had a resounding effect.


However, the United-States has certainly more than 8000 tons of gold, but also more than 300 million inhabitants, making an average of 25.4 grams per person. Switzerland only has 1,040 tons of gold in reserve, but a small population of 8 million people, an average of more than 126.6 grams per person. This is due to the fact that Switzerland officially left the gold standard in 1999 !


If one wants to know what entity, other than central banks, has the most gold stock is SPDR Gold Shares (a subsidiary of the investment fund specializing in gold SPDR) holds 1239 tons . What to make green with envy most countries.



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