How to sell my gold jewelry ?

Published On: septembre 11th, 2015Last Updated: septembre 11th, 2015
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Whether by need money or to get rid of your old jewelry, many gold buying companies have emerged in recent years. If you own gold jewelry and lurking at the bottom of your drawers, you can make the estimate and sell them to a gold buying counter and receive a payment in cash or by bank transfer.


How to sell my gold jewelry ?


To sell your gold jewelry, you simply go to a gold purchasing counter. These companies are buying gold in all its forms (coins and bullion, new jewelry or broken, dental gold …) in order to melt them and make ingots.

The expertise is free and is done in front of you with specific material (acids, touchstone). You will know the karat of your gold jewelry and the purchase price applied by the price of gold.

There is also the option of sending your gold and jewelry by parcel post. After receiving the package, your gold property will be appraised and the value of your sale will be communicated.


How to know the price of my gold jewelry ?

An important criterion namely: pure gold is never used in jewelry. In Europe, primarily using a gold alloy (mixture of gold and other metals) for jewelry. This alloy has a proportion of gold that varies depending on the carat gem.

Here is a summary of the main existing carats :

22 karats 91,6 %
18 karats 75 %
14 karats 58,5 %
9 karats 37,5 %
8 karats 33,3 %


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The purchase price of your gold jewelry is estimated based on the karat of your jewelry, and therefore the amount of fine gold they contain.

Thus, jewelry 18k 100g contain about 75g of pure gold. Similarly jewelry 100g contain about 14 carats of fine gold 58,5g. The gold buyback companies are buying so you fine gold content in jewelry, as the price of gold in real time set in London.


Let’s detail the computation of different purchase prices:


Purchase price 22 carats Weight of jewelry 22 carats x 0,916 (91,6 % d’or) – commission
Purchase price 18 carats Weight of jewelry 18 carats x 0,750 (75 % d’or) – commission
Purchase price 14 carats Weight of jewelry  14 carats x 0,585 (58,5 % d’or) – commission
Purchase price 9 carats Weight of jewelry  9 carats x 0,375 (37,5 % d’or) – commission
Purchase price 8 carats Weight of jewelry  8 carats x 0,333 (33,3 % d’or) – commission



What payment methods are purposed ?


According to buying gold counters, you can have the option of requesting a payment by bank transfer or cash.

However, according to country and the law applied to transactions on gold and precious metals, the cash payment is possible or not. In France, the cash payment is now prohibited. Only payments by check or bank transfer are possible.

Since 1 January 2014 in France, the flat tax on the sale of gold jewelry has been raised from 4.5% to 6%.

In Belgium, no tax is applied on the sale of gold. Thus, the border can benefit from more competitive prices as well as a cash payment (up to € 3,000).



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