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All questions/answers on buying/investing in gold
Why has my order status changed to "waiting for resupply"?

You place an order on our site www.gold-buying.be and your order has the status "waiting for resupply"?
This means that we are waiting for resupply of stock, your order status will be updated as soon as our stock is refilled.

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Can I buy or invest a significant amount of gold (bullion or coin) in cash?

If you want to buy a certain amount of gold ingot or coin for a significant sum of money, and you still want to pay in cash, we work with a border office at 20 minutes of Liege where those transactions are 100% legal but with the condition of taking your identity. These transactions must be planned 3 working days in advance.

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You are hesitating between gold bullion and coins for investment?

It is first a matter of taste...
Then, the coins have the advantage of being smaller units of gold like 20 franc Napoléon which weigh 5.8 grams of fine gold and therefore more flexible to invest gradually and with resale.
However, they sometimes have the advantage as the disadvantage of being subject to premiums. These premiums may appear as disappear depending on the demand and supply of the market.
For instance, the Swiss coin of 20 franc or Vrenelis at a slightly higher premium due to its high demand at international level compared to Napoléon or Marianne.
For cons, some reseller have often tried to call the shots on the premium of 20 franc Marianne or Napoléon but without direct link with the international value of these gold coins and their listing. Investors who bought during these periods have therefore lost money because they won't get back the premiums that were applied.
Now gold coins investment is competition from small ingots from 5 g to 100 g, larger coins also exists but they are rarer.
The ingots have the advantage of being fine gold, LBMA certified and not subject to premiums like the coins. They also have the advantage of being recognized and accepted worldwide.
But they have an additional cost as they are produced nowadays. The heavier is the bullion you buy and the less expensive is the part of fine gold you pay, proportionally.
The ingots 1 Kg or 12.5 Kg are ideal for large investments, and you can also go for the 250 gr and  500 gr ingot for flexibility when reselling.
However, the more you buy small ingots, the more you can invest gradually and be very flexible during your resale.

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For how much can I invest in gold by paying in cash and anonymously?

You can purchase directly and in cash up to 2500 euro per person anonymously small ingots and monetary gold coins.
You can purchase directly and in cash up to 3000 euro per person, with ID, small ingots and monetary gold coins.
You can obviously come accompanied for larger amounts.


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I want to invest and buy a lot of gold, how it's going on and how am I delivered?

We can sell large quantities of coins, bullion small or big in monetary gold.
However, setting the final price is subject to the receipt of a deposit of 20% of the planned order. Once we've received the payment, you can fix with us the final price of your gold during the opening hours of our office and when you decide that the gold price seems interesting to you. The price is then fixed and final, because Orobel will immediately fix the price for market maker.
We then establish your final bill and including your initial deposit and the balance that we must receive within 5 working days.

For larger orders, some coins or bullion can be restocking and preparing your order may take some more days but the price still remains fixed no matter if price of gold rises or falls. If your order is urgent, it is better that we discuss together by phone to communicate you immediately available stocks.
These types of orders are delivered by private carrier insured value and delivered to your address in discreet armored truck. The price of this transportation is noted on your order via our website but subject to a quote and a possible correction.

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Why do I want to invest in gold, what does it mean?

In general, investing in gold is a way of reassuring ourselves.
From euro banknote, we go to gold ingots or coins that seem more tangible and palpable. In reality, gold is becoming like a currency without being one.
In our subconscious, we know that gold worth money and it has always worth money.
However, we can sometimes be more worried about the value of our money and its currency.
Is our euro immune to loss of its value? The euro is it not threatened?
And yet, our hard and real gold is safe.
So we can say that the gold price reflects only the degree of confidence and fear that the collective unconscious puts in an economy and a monetary currency.
This collective unconscious may be different from one people or one continent to another.
For instance, Hindus or Chinese see in gold a greater security as well as protection in case of civil war or other.
This unconscious value of gold was even very different during the history.
Our desire to buy and invest in gold is coming from this.
The more one wants to invest in gold, the more one is in a form of concern and we are reassured by his possession.
When an event causes a fear that reaches the collective unconscious, we see the price of gold increasing.

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How does Orobel operate for the redemption of gold coins?

For gold coins, we look at your coins by separating the gold coins in good condition of the damaged coin (or either polished, reminted or innacurate strike). Most of the gold coins we buy are mostly in good condition. However, it exist some innacurate strike in 20 Swiss franc or Vrenelis, 20 dollars and sovereign.
We open our evaluation simulator and we pay you the undamaged coins for the right price. Damaged coins are purchased at the 22 carat price most of the time. If necessary, we make a spectrometer analysis to show the gold content of a false hit.

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All questions/answers on selling gold
How Orobel conducts redemption of your gold jewelry?

Orobel you bought your gold jewelry in any titrations or purity .To test we conduct a test at the cornerstone with the corresponding acids to separate jewelry 22 carat, 21 carat and 18 carat, 14 carat and 9 carat or 8 carat.
If in doubt test with the touchstone, we conduct verification with our spectrometer.
This electronic device is going to give us one minute the precise composition of the alloy of your jewelry.
If you have sent us per parcel, we will contact you to fix the price, if it suits you, we give you a bank transfer, if that does not suit you, we send you back the gold as a package with declared value.

If you are there (in our physical store) with your gold, we set the price directly with you in one of our office.
To estimate your gold jewelry directly, we set up a simulator which is updated every minute to the gold price. Click here to try it. http://orobel.biz/simulateur/

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How does Orobel proceed with powdered gold and/or various waste?

For more complex gold alloys and larger batches, we go in our foundry and proceed to melt your jewelry, dental gold, filings, waste or polishing powders rich in precious metals. So you are attending the whole operation if you wish it and see by yourself the potential loss of iron. Then we proceed to an analysis of the ingot obtained on the spectrometer with which one can see its composition (example: the palladium content of a lot of white gold) and we pay you based on the result of this analysis. Orobel, by using this method, makes a purchase of gold and totally transparent operation witch you are attending completely.

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How is Orobel purchasing gold ingot(s)?

For French ingots, we take the purchase price of fine gold from our website and we multiply it by the amount of fine gold noted on your certificate. If you do no longer have your certificate, we weigh it and, with its purity engraved on, we recalculate the amount of fine gold.
For LBMA bullion Swiss, Belgian, Australian, German and Italian with a 999.9 awl or others, we check and weigh them. If necessary, we may do verification with our spectrometer.
If you are in our physical store with your gold, we set the price directly with you in our office.


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By what method can I be paid?

You can be paid in Belgium up to 3000 euro in cash per person present. For example, if you are with two people in our office, you can receive up to 9000 euro legally. It is however necessary to make an appointment for these transactions.

If you have a certain amount of gold ingots or coins for a significant amount of money and that you still want to be paid in cash, we work with a border office at 20 minutes of Liege where its transactions are 100% legal. These transactions must be planned 3 working days in advance.

We also pay by bank transfer to the account you indicate.

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I am French (living in France), why is it interesting to sell in Belgium?

The France imposes a tax of 10.5% on all precious metals transactions. This tax does not apply in Belgium, and we don't deduce any taxes on gold.

Moreover, you can sell and be paid in cash. Gold coins and some ingots can be sold anonymously up to 3000 euro per person.

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How can I be paid in cash for my gold bar?

In Belgium, the law limits payments in cash height of up to 3000 euro per person.

However, with a border partner, we can do that kind of operations no matter if it's for an ingot or ten bullions or even a lot of gold coin.

These gold redemptions are 100% legal and subject to your ID taken.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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How is calculated the price by gram of 18 carat gold, 14 carats or 9 carats on our simulator?

We link our current price of purchasing gold jewelry on the price of fine gold in real time. The price of fine gold is refreshed every minute
The net price per gram of jewelry on our simulator calculates an melt loss and the costs of our refining workshop and our operating margin. The price can vary depending on the amount you sell.
The more your jewelry are in a low purity of gold as 9 or 8 carat , the more refining costs are proportionately significant.

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our practical tips
Why buy gold?

Gold is a safe investment because whatever the prices does, that he may go up or down, gold still is worth the money (currency) in exchange.
The investment gold at a monetary status and thereby it is sold and bought without VAT.
In Belgium, its monetary status allows that you can sell or buy gold (bullion and / or coins) anonymously up to 2500-3000 euro.
Remember that buying gold is not like spending money because it will always remain exchangeable everywhere.
In a general way, gold is regarded as a protection against fluctuations in exchange rates and a monetary meltdown.
On long period, we see that gold always catches with inflation.

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Can I turn my bullion into coins or smaller bullion of gold?

Yes, absolutely, Orobel often makes this kind of exchange.

This gives you the advantage of recovering mini-bars or Swiss ingots and LBMA bullion.

It's a bit like if you were making money out of your bullion

The traded gold advantage is recovered small units of gold that can then be sold in small quantities in cash and anonymous up to 3000 euro per person.

You can exchange against bullion 250g, 100g, 50g or less.

Orobel practice this trade at very attractive rates.

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