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12 Jul: Karats in gold… a really old story.

The usage of carat in gold is an old story… a very old one. One day, you may ask yourself this obvious question: Why did we divide gold into 24 shares? Why did we call this unit or proportion “carat/karat (shortened K)” back then? Where do 24K, 18K, 14K and…


12 Jul: Swiss bullions : a long story

Switzerland has a great history with gold. Before paper money, people used gold and silver for barter. Gold and silver later served as collateral for the bill and then paper money. Cette page n’a pas encore été noté.


12 Jul: How to buy gold in Belgium ?

The economic crisis has affected and still affects almost everyone. As we’ve seen, opinions differ about gold and its safe haven status. You may therefore feel the urge to either acquire, or, on the contrary, feel the need to get rid of and reap the benefits. Here are the options…


11 Jul: Has gold a stupid value ?

Is Gold STUPID? On gold, we can read everything and its opposite. there are the “cranks” of gold that incense and those who despise it. Why is there so different perspectives on gold, hatred to the fascination ? Cette page n’a pas encore été noté.