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Live precious metals spot prices (Gold XAU, Silver XAG, Platinum XPT, Palladium XPD) in realtime with Orobel.


Orobel offers the possibility to follow and track daily spot prices in realtime freely and easily ! 

To achieve this, flip through the menu bar "All Metal quotes" and choose easily the metal spot price that you want to track and display, or click on buttons below.

Orobel provide the following precious metals prices in realtime :


Quotations provided are available per ounce and kilo in Dollars USD ($). You can also find these quotes for Silver, Platinum and Palladium.

Click on buttons above to select the interactive precious metal price chart (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium) that you want to see in realtime.


How the gold price works ?


How the gold price works ?

Read the topic. Read the topic.

What drive the gold spot price ?


What drive the gold spot price ?

Read the topic. Read the topic.

Historic of the gold price.


Historic of the gold price

Read the topic. Read the topic.

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Our interactives charts enable to follow in realtime official spot prices for gold and silver established by the four main actors of the international gold market : London, New York, Zurich and Tokyo. 

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